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by Ziena Eyewear February 27, 2019

We would like to kick off our new blog with an amazing testimonial that was recently received at the Ziena home office in Southern California.

Ziena strives to be a hub source for all dry eye related material. Please let us now about any topics or discussions you would like to see in our new blog series for 2019. 

Thank you to all of our past customers and a warm welcome to our new customers.

Jan. 25 2019

Hello Ziena Eyewear,

I would like to share with you what a difference your dry eyeglasses have made in my life. I live in a very dry climate and also have recently been diagnosed with Sjogren’s which makes desert living quite unbearable. I have had every ophthalmic procedure and surgery (eyedrops, restasis, xiidra, punctal plugs ,lipiflow, procura lenses…) that is available with only temporary
results at best and to great expense. Out of desperation I turned to Google and found your website. With nothing to lose I ordered a pair of sunglasses first. They were quite comfortable and allowed me to venture outdoors to walk my dog without having to put my eyes in great discomfort. Now, I am not that old, a young 58 and I am quite social and do care about the fashion of my eyeglasses, so these were a little out there for me but I decided to order a clear pair of Oasis glasses to see if they would look okay for everyday wear. Well, I felt like I looked like a bug but
they were very comfortable and I do have a sense of humor and I waited for my sons to see them on me to get their response. They liked them and encouraged me to see if they might
really help if I tried to wear them all the time. I now wear them all day and feel an immense relief on my eyes. They have completely given me my life back. Not kidding. I was indoors all day to stay out of the light and dry climate. I was in constant pain and considerably pathetic. I am now back to my work, travels, reading, sketching, cooking and just not having to about think about my eyeballs
anymore! I now own 5 pairs of your glasses (2 sunglasses, 3 clear glasses) for a variety of looks and I am constantly receiving compliments on my “big glasses”! LOL! I’d just like to say a big “THANK
YOU” for providing a great product that really made my condition tolerable and my life less painful.

Franceen D.

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