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Oasis RX | Light Tortoise

Seek your refuge in the Oasis, it features our uniquely designed moisture chamber eyecup that seals the orbits of your eyes to create a chamber that preserves the moisture that you need. Fits M-L.
  • Wire core temples allow adjustments for a more secure fit
  • Spring hinges for more comfort.
  • The silicone moisture chamber keeps your eyes moist and fresh.

    Choose Your Eyecup Color

    Clear Frost or Black

    Ziena® moisture chambers are a discrete silicone eyecup that lock in moisture while blocking out wind, glare and other airborne irritants like dust and pollen. Powerful micro-magnets hold the shield securely in place yet allow for easy removal, cleaning and replacement. The newest addition is our black moisture chamber which is highly recommended for people that have a sensitivity to light. 

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