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10 Day Trial Program

Not sure which frame is the right fit? We'll make it easy on you!

We understand not all facial structures are made alike. Ziena® is now happy to offer a 10 Day Trial program which enables you to
try up to three different frame styles, giving you the best chance to find a great fit.

Take 3 Easy Steps To A Better Fit:

Step 1
Pick any frames (up to 3 frames total) with the lens options that you would like to try.

Step 2
Place your order by calling our office at (909)509-8228. There is a $29.99 S+H demo fee (non-refundable) for the 10 Day Trial Program. It includes free shipping label and a return label. In addition, a $10 credit would be applied to your order should you buy a pair.

Step 3
Please return unselected product by using the supplied postage return label. Any damaged or unsalable product will be charged in full and returned to you.
Ziena Lens Guide
Ziena Lens Guide