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Here at Ziena we like to offer you the consumer a wide range of options when choosing the right fit for your Dry Eye eye wear. Thats why we like to offer the ErgoFit Line from our Parent company 7eye by Panoptx. For more info on 7eye by Panoptx performance sunglasses please visit


Air Shield

The technology that makes 7eye the superior eyewear solution for dry eye sufferers is our patented, non-air-permeable AirSheild seal. It consists of a removable, multimaterial eyecup that fills the space between the frame front and the wearer's face, effectively blocking winds, glare and irritants out while trapping moissture in. Filtered vents manage airflow within AirShield and help keep your prescription lenses clear.

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The thermoplastic rubber AirDam that lines the perimeter of the inside of the frame of our SPF75 models breaks up wind flow before it can reach your eye, just like the small wind barrier that pops up when you open a car's sun roof. The AirDam is about 75% effective in knocking down wind and blocking out peripheral glare. The AirDam won't absorb water, sunscreen or make-up and can be cleaned with the same soapy water you'd use to clean your lenses.

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Ziena Lens Guide