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    • • Fits Medium - Xlarge Faces
      • Soft Silicone Eyecup Retains Eye Moisture
      • 360° Bendable Arms Allow For Quick Adjustments
      • 100% UVA+UVB Sun Protection
      • Optical Clarity Lenses
      Buy 1 pair, Get 10% off the 2nd plano pair! Use Code: ZIENA10

      Ziena Marina Dry Eye Glasses - Prescription Ready

      California Prop 65

Airshield Technology

Maximum Protection | SPF 100
A complete seal around your eyes creates total protection from the elements including dust, wind, and other airborne irritants. 
The Seal Protection Factor (SPF) of 100 means the Airshield® provides a perfect, 100% seal around the orbits of your eyes.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Deborah Whitlow

These glasses are a game saver! I've struggled with severe dry eyes since 2016 and had tried a variety of treatments to relieve symptoms. Finally feel like I can function like I used to which is so nice. Was even able to enjoy an outdoor Mother's day brunch and shopping. Thanks so much 💗


Great frame! I like it better than my last pair (Kai). These glasses make my quality of life much better!

Very cool stylish glasses

These look great and they help a lot! My favorite style forever, please make more colors for the frames! Hot pink will be great😀

Highly recommend!

I have suffered from severe chronic MGD dry eye and recurring corneal erosions for over 10 years. I only recently found these moisture chamber glasses, and oh, how I wish I would have found them sooner! These are a simple, drug-free, no-side-effect, effective way to manage the painful symptoms of dry eye. (They're particularly great if you live in a dry, windy climate like me!) I'm a white woman of medium build with a narrow/medium face, and the Marina frames fit me perfectly, and are really cute! (Please don't ever discontinue the Marina frames, Ziena!!) They're very similar to my old stylish Ray Bans. The frosted eye cups are really subtle, but really comfortable and effective. It feels like a portable steam room for your eyes! I work on my computer all day, and I find the blue light blockers to really help with eye strain as well, so I also highly recommend the blue-blocking lenses. The silicone eye cups are very easy to remove and clean, and it's great that Ziena offers replacement eye cups if they eventually need replacing. These fit me so well that sometimes the lenses do fog up a bit, but that means there's moisture surrounding my eyes, so I don't mind! I'm sure a few swipes of an anti-fog cloth would take care of it. These are definitely a new-found favorite in my arsenal of battling dry eye, and I highly recommend them!


It’s comfortable and good quality. But the price is high