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Dry Eye 101

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Driving With The Windows Down | Ultimate Wind Blocker!

1 min read

An amazing video testimonial of a customer wearing Ziena dry eye eyewear to help block the wind from her eyes, while on a Sunday drive. It has been years since she has been able to do this as Scleroderma has caused Sjogrens Syndrome and chronic dry eyes.

Ziena Glasses - Helping The Medical Community One Frame At A Time

2 min read

It was a little over 3 weeks ago that one doctor found Ziena eyewear – it turned out Ziena glasses would seal around her eyes better than the face shields and safety glasses that she was using.

Can Ziena Eyewear help protect against the Coronavirus?

2 min read

Just a few days ago the CDC issued a report that the Coronavirus will show up on the US shorelines.

So the question is…how do you protect yourself from it?

Ziena Dry Eye Glasses Featured On YouTube w/ Doctor Eye Health

1 min read

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Great News! Ziena was just featured on the popular YouTube channel, Doctor Eye Health w/ Dr. Allen - AWESOME!

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