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Ziena Dry Eye Eyewear Patented Wind Proof Technology
Ziena Dry Eye Eyewear Helps 98% of Patients
Ziena Dry Eye Eyewear Lenses Offer 100% UV Protection
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  • I can't rave about these products enough. The allergens in the air and the breezes made me miserable wiping at my eyes constantly. I use them outdoors all the time now.

    Sara C.
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  • I wish I'd had Ziena glasses decades ago when the dry eye started. Attentive and kind customer service.

    Diana L.

Dry Eyes 101

How To Get Relief with Dry Eyes
How To Get Relief with Dry Eyes

by Ziena Eyewear August 23, 2019

Ever wonder why dry eye occurs? or how Ziena dry eye glasses work to help relive dry eyes? Dr. Leigh Plowman of just wrote this amazing article that answers these questions and more!

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