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April 13, 2020 2 min read 2 Comments

*Pictured: Physicians Assistants of St. Bernardine Hospital wearing their new Ziena eyewear.

A little over a month ago the entire world changed. Never before has the world been so focused on a common issue as coronavirus aka COVID19. Because of it, everyone has problems to deal with and have to make tough decisions just as fast as it came to change our lives. Two months ago none of us would have imagined how drastic life would change not just with us, but on a global level. Isn’t weird how the normally mundane daily way of life is now yearned?

At Ziena, we are affected both on the business level and personal level. As hard as it has been, we still view this as blessings in disguise. As the world is moving slower, we can do more to plan ahead and prepare better for the rest of the year.

A little over 3 weeks ago, a doctor found Ziena eyewear – it turned out that our glasses would seal around her eyes better than the face shields and safety glasses that she was using. Ziena eyewear was originally designed for dry eyes and hay fever / pollen sufferers but it turns out that doctors are using it because the coronavirus can be aerosolized and stay in the air. Since then, every single day we have been servicing medical providers (ER doctors, physician assistants, nurses, therapists, etc.) Our company had to do our part, as we have prioritized doctors’ and urgent orders first. Unfortunately some orders have been delayed and we apologize for this. For the customers who have called in and have been understanding of the whole situation and even offered to delay their orders so that doctors can go first, thank you. It’s been humbling and also beautiful to see the human side in the middle of the pandemic.

Here is my last thought to part with… In the numerous hospital I’ve visited in the last 3 weeks, instead of just thinking the medical providers are on the front line facing the war against the coronavirus, they’re actually our last line of defense. It is us, every one of us, who are on the front line, for we have a basic duty to stay vigilant and not spread the virus to others. If all of us do our part, the quicker this can be over.


Daniel Hsu

President of Ziena / 7eye by Panoptx


Medical Provider & Teacher discounts: 

  1. Individual Discount: 15% off of the frame with plano lenses. (Excludes prescription orders)

  2. Group Discount: 6 or more people it would be $80 off per frame. (Excludes prescription)
Ziena Eyewear
Ziena Eyewear

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August 11, 2020

Hi Xiomara, you may give us a call at (909)509-8228 to find out more about the discounts. Thank you.

Xiomara Hernandez
Xiomara Hernandez

August 11, 2020

Hello! I would like to know if you are still giving discounts and is it just for providers? I am a healthcare worker in the front lines testing for covid.

Thank you.

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