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Dry Eye 101

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Does the 20-20-20 rule help prevent eye strain?

1 min read

The rule says that for every 20 minutes spent looking at a screen, a person should look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Following the rule is a great way to remember to take frequent breaks.

Los Angeles Walk For Sjogren's 2019

1 min read

Walk for Sjögren's: October 19, 2019 please join fellow patients, family and friends as we gather to raise awareness and crucial funds! The funds you raise will make a difference and support Sjögren's research and education.

How To Get Relief with Dry Eyes

3 min read

Ever wonder why dry eye occurs? or how Ziena dry eye glasses work to help relive dry eyes? Dr. Leigh Plowman of dryeyedirectory.com just wrote this amazing article that answers these questions and more!