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    • • Fits Small - Medium Faces (smallest frame style)
      • Soft Silicone Eyecup Retains Eye Moisture
      • 360° Bendable Arms Allow For Quick Adjustments
      • 100% UVA+UVB Sun Protection
      • Optical Clarity Lenses
      Buy 1 pair, Get 10% off the 2nd plano pair! Use Code: ZIENA10

      California Prop 65Ziena Kai - Prescription Ready Dry Eye Glasses


Airshield Technology

Maximum Protection | SPF 100
A complete seal around your eyes creates total protection from the elements including dust, wind, and other airborne irritants. 
The Seal Protection Factor (SPF) of 100 means the Airshield® provides a perfect, 100% seal around the orbits of your eyes.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Love them. I have 2 pair

I would buy more if you had lighter color frame choices like blush or clear. I use the Verona if it’s a bit humid and the Kai if it’s really dry out. My ophthalmologist had never seen them before and was really impressed with the easily removable eye cup for easy cleaning.

suzanne downham
life changing

I have severe dry eye and constant erosions, no prescription can get my vision clear so I am happy to wear these all the time and not have rocks and searing sensation every evening, I have a very small face so only the Kai fit me, would love a bit more selection.

Mariann Kohnke
Kai glasses are a blessing

I bought the Kai tortouise shell and they are a lifesaver. Only when I am wearing them do my eyes feel moist and comfortable. I was skeptical that they would really fit after trying Amazon glasses but they fit perfectly.
Now I am in fear of being without them until I can order a replacement if the magnets or cups fail so I am ordering a second pair and this time having my prescription put in so I don't have to switch glasses to read.
I just have one suggestion. As a white haired 80 year old the dark glasses don't suit me and look big and harsh on my face. Saved my comfort level but I don't look attractive in them. Are there any plans to make the Kai in a softer color, gray, soft pink or beige so they blend in better?
Other then that I can't live in comfort without them so Thank You from the bottom of my heart for making and affordable product so I can enjoy life again.

Excellent glasses!

Literally saved me, my eyes are extremely dry so I had keratitis very often no matter what amount of eye drops, gel and ointments I used. These glasses are fantastic and also very pretty, I wear them everywhere.

Thank you so much for this feedback! It is good to know Kai works well to alleviate Keratitis pain.

Andrea Robinson
Kai frame

I recently purchased a Kai frame from your Australian supplier (I live in New Zealand). I love the frame, however the frame is a little too big for me and the silicone doesn't seal around my eyes. It doesn't help in an office environment with air conditioning blowing from the ceiling, but it helps around the home a little.

I would be very grateful if you would consider making a smaller frame.

Kind regards, Andrea